Monday, September 1, 2008

Sorry Guys

Today is the first day since my last posting that I've even looked at my blog. To say that least, it's been a CrAzY time since last wednesday. Thursday night I pretty much packed up my whole life and moved into my new apartment Friday morning. Finished moving Friday night and hung out with some friends til the wee hours of the night. (*laughing* because as I am typing this, Trent is singing/playing his piano behind me; singing about me "clickity-clack her fingers as they roll!"... and now he has discovered that I am typing this and now he's singing about what I just typed) LOL anyway! Saturday morning I had an eye appointment at 9am (not good considering I went to bed at 1:30am) and went shopping with my roomate (my sister) to buy groceries and other "homey" things for our apartment. Saturday night was church night and it was good as usual. After church, Trent and I went back to my apartment to sort through boxes and put my bed together. Sunday morning I worked from 10am-2pm and FINALLY got a chance to relax after work. I took a nap at Trent's then went back to my apartment to help my sister move some of her things in. We were gonna go to the blueberry festival fireworks Sunday night but decided we had enough excitement for one weekend and seeing fireworks was just another thing to do. Today was so great because we had nothing planned. We just hung up some curtains and shelves at my place and came back to Trent's house to study for our day back to school tomorrow.

I will probably make another post in the near future containing a more in-depth description of my big move. But for now, I'm utterly exhausted from this weekend. Wow! It was busy. Also, I'm sorry to say that I won't be posting about the church service from this past Saturday. I feel so bad that I forgot to do it yesterday; but today I realized that I even forgot to bring home the outline that had all my notes from the message on it. Oops. The second week of trying to do this thing and I forget to bring my notes home. *sigh* what am I gonna do? I will tell you that it was about baptism though. Maybe I can squeeze in some time this week and blog about it. We'll see! Ok I need to go home and let Trent get some studying done. kbye.



Todd Huff said...

Glad you got moved in okay. Cool apartment.

Trent Miles said...

Clickity Clack! It was so much fun playing/singing and seeing you laugh today. Good times. Hacienda here we come. AY AY AY AY AY!