Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still Feelin' It

Just an update on my last post about almost fainting in the shower. Last Thursday while I was sitting in class, I had the feeling again. My heart started racing, I began to get hot, and started shaking a little, but it only lasted for maybe 30 seconds. I think the only reason I was feeling this way again was because I was thinking about what happened in the shower. Sorta like psyching myself out, like my body was reacting to only what was in my mind.

The day after (Friday) I was at work thinking about what happened to me in class. I texted my Mom about what had happened and we agreed that I needed to go see the doctor. Wise decision. I made the appointment for next week on Wed (2/4)

I'm eager to hear my diagnosis. The most common concensus I've heard from other people is that I'm either dehydrated or have low blood pressure, or maybe even anemic. I think it's either a blood problem or a food/drink problem. Whatever the case may be, I'm just ready to hear it and literally cannot wait until my appointment next week.

You see, Tues in class I was just sitting there watching the prof write on the chalkboard and I got the feeling again--hot, shaky, racing heart. This time, I wasn't even thinking about what has been happening to me. It just sprouted up out of nowhere, but only lasted about 30 seconds again. But today was worse. I woke feeling weak and very tired. Definetely not motivating for school. I got to school and just felt disoriented. I drank about 2 bottles of water (to try and get hydrated) and had to pee like crazy! lol Anyway, I couldn't concentrate in class so here I am. Skipping my 10:00 class and blogging. I just didn't want to have to go through another class feeling that miserable and not being able to concentrate.

I'm waiting for Trent to get done with his class at 11:15 then we're going to lunch. I hope that after lunch, after I get some more food in me, I'll be able to make it through my 2 afternoon classes without a hitch.

Can it be wednesday already?!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Almost Died This Morning

I had the most terrifying thing happen to me this morning. I seriously thought it was the end of my life. Here's the story.

I woke up early this morning, had school at 8:30, so I got up around 6am. I was soooo tired, more than usual, and a little disoriented. I had my electric blanket on the usual "5" heat setting (out of 20) like every other night and I woke up sweating like every other night. I finally drug myself out of bed, disoriented and sweating. I put on my glasses, grabbed my hairbrush and towel, and headed to the shower.

Like I said, I was abnormally hot this morning so I kept the shower water a little cooler than normal. However, towards the end of the shower, after I had just put conditioner in my hair, I felt a little chilly. Therefore, I turned up the heat just a tad. Not 1 minute later, I felt VERY woozy.

My heart started racing like crazy and I started to shake. What's going on?!?! I was starting to lose my vision! I desperately tried to rinse out the conditioner in my hair and turn off the water. If I was dying, I was definetely waking Rachel up asap to help me! I reached for the nozzle but couldn't find it! I had lost my vision completely! Everything went black. I softly groaned in fear as I frantically searched for the nozzle. After what felt like 10 minutes, I finally found the nozzle and turned off the water. Where's the shower curtain?!? Get me outta here! I stepped out of the shower as I started to get my vision back. All I could do was dry off and just sit on the the edge of the shower in my towel, shaking in terror. What the heck just happened?!?

I started to calm down and stopped shaking. I headed back to my room, hair still halfway drenched with conditioner. I sat down on my bed and took a glance at the mirror. I seriously looked like a ghost. There was absolutely no color to my skin at all. I was so confused. Did I just almost die?! Or a little less extreme, pass out?

I'm still a little shook up about what happened. I think I just got too hot from the shower and my body couldn't handle it that early in the morning. This has happened to me before, though. Last year when I had 8:30 classes I would wake up early to take a shower and would suddenly feel very weak. I just had to turn off the water and go to my room to lay down for a few minutes. This time was a lot worse, though.

What a scary experience! Lesson learned though: don't keep the electric blanket heat too high and keep the shower water cool!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12-hour School Day

Yep. Exactly 12 hours ago Trent and I were headed up here to IUSB for our first day of school. And we're still here. I had class at 8:30 this morning- statistics. Not too bad actually. I had a math class last semester that dealt somewhat with statistics so I already finished the first 8 assignments that aren't due for the next few weeks :).

10am- english class. Oh wait, "Imagining King Arthur" class. Yep. Sorta like Russian Art History, hmm? Another pointless required class. Maybe I'll learn something interesting though, like I did in my Russian Art History class. The prof isn't as funny, though :(

11:15- lunch. Trent and I went to Burger King to get some high quality brain fuel to carry us over til now. We got back to the school at about noon and hung out til our 2:30 class. I did some homework for my stats class (so easy).

2:30- non-experimental methods class with the same prof from my stats class. So, I heard the same thing twice. Basically for this class, we work on one big project throughout the semester. Not too shabby. It's supposed to prepare us psych majors for out advanced lab that we have to take out last year in order to graduate.

3:45- Meet up with Trent again to waste more time until our 5:30 class. This time I didn't do homework and we just sat around and laughed at each other. Oh and I kept telling him that he can't leave me next year.

5:30- anthropology. We have a few prjoects to do and homework and quizzes here and there. The prof said it's going to be pretty easy-going since we all have different majors and it's a required class. We only took 20 minutes to go over the syllabus then we were done for the day. Would've been nice to leave early from class if Trent didn't have class til 8 :(

So here I sit. In a huge computer lab with 5 other people. It's about 7:30 and I'm exhausted. These days are going to be tough. I'm hungry and tired.... so I'm cranky. *sigh* Sorry I'm in such a blah mood. At least on thursday we'll get to leave at 6:45. And we only have to come up here twice a week. Yaaaaay! :D happy face. Soon I'll be home eating and watching American Idol...

Well you have a great night!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Semester is Quickly Approaching!

It's true! Trent and I start school this coming Tuesday, the 13th. This semester should be fairly interesting, as usual. We only have to drive up to IUSB two days a week BUT we start at 8:30am and don't leave until 6:45pm or later. Yikes! But we do have breaks in between our classes to squeeze in some lunch.

My classes this semester consist of: introductory Anthropology, Statistics for Psych majors, Non-experimental research methods, and some sort of English class. So 4 classes in all. My stats class and non-experimental methods class is with the same prof whom I've had in the past. She was very nice and relaxed and just reminded me of a mom, probably because she is. I'm going to try to test out of taking the first semester of spanish, so I'll be taking an exam for that this semester as well. I'm excited for school to start up again, like always. I just love school. Can't I just be a professional student the rest of my life??

I'm extremely excited about this year, 2009. Things will be happening, just you wait. ;) I'm proud of Trent for making it to his last semester. He will more than likely graduate in May and I couldn't be happier. Him graduating is symbolic to our relationship. It means so much. It's the end of one long college chapter of his life and beginning of a new chapter. He's going to be moving on to bigger and better things. I just can't help but be so happy for him.... so happy for us.

HOWEVER, him graduating means that he won't be going to school anymore (duh) BUT I still have one more year left. That means, no more rides to school together. I'll be making the journey to IUSB all by my lonesome next year. :( Although next year will be amazing in one aspect, it's going to be sad being at school without my buddy. No one to be cranky in the mornings with, no one to sit next to me while I "sudoku", no one to tell me to stop wiping my boogers on the seat, no one to brave the horribly snowy roads with, no one to skip classes and go shopping with, no one to share my free small fries Burger King coupon with, no one to make egg sandwiches with, no one to wait on me to go pee for the 5th time that day ... and the list goes on. I'm gonna miss my best friend next year. I'm worried that I'll be terribly lonely at school. I'm very shy so it's hard for me to just make friends. *sigh* we'll see.

So those are my thoughts about the upcoming year and a half. I'm super happy for Trent and his accomplishments and I pray he can trudge through this last semester without the stress crushing his spirit. Just a few more months, babe! I know you can do it! It's going to be hard for me next year at school without you, but once I graduate, I'll get my reward :)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Drawing is Fun!

So, it was 10pm and Trent and I were bored. Therefore, we decided to draw a little comic of our day. Here is my interpretation of our day, but mostly my interpretation of his drawings. I thought I could do them more justice. :) Click on the picture to enlarge. Enjoy!

1. Abby working at Pizza Hut at 7am
2. Trent still sleeping at home
3. Abby's done at work at noon
4. Trent meets Abby at her apartment
5. Trent and Abby play an intense game of RockBand
6. Trent and Abby go to the park to take some pictures
7. Trent mostly takes pictures of Abby
8. Trent and Abby go back to Trent's and play Mario Kart on the wii
9. Trent watches "Fun with Dick and Jane" while Abby sleeps
10. Trent and Abby decide to draw a comic of their day
11. Trent drives Abby home
12. Good night kiss!

Check out Trent's blog to see his drawings. Have a great night!