Friday, September 26, 2008

Pizza Extravaganza!

Trent and I were first-time homemade pizza makers as of today. Last night, we bought supplies from Woodie's to make the dough and sauce. It was so fun! He's got pictures on his blog from last night. We actually made the pizzas today after I got home from work. And I work at Pizza Hut. hhmmm... I brought home garlic bread at least. Anyway, our pizzas turned out fantastic! They were simple pepperoni and cheese. One thing we would change for next time though is to not make the crust so thick. But that's it! So while Trent is sleeping off his full pizza belly, I'm going to post the videos I took from today before he gets a chance to! HAHA I win.

In this video, I'm kinda interviewing Trent about our pizza day. p.s.- don't mind my burp at the end LOL I was eating a leftover Dairy Queen blizzard. oops.

And this is his first taste of our fabuloso pizza!

What a fun day.



Todd said...

Abby, nice out!

Videos were great!

Food receptacle?!

jdm said...

Stooooopppp!! You are just proving all the more how absolutely adorable the two of you are!!!

Please videotape an argument or some friction or something will ya?

Love you guys,

Mom said...

I love home made pizza!!! That's what your dinner can be some Wednesday night!! LOL

Love ya

Ben Miller said...

you guys need to videotape more, very funny. but it makes me miss you guys seeing this. I want some of that pizza when I come home!!