Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The *CrAzY* Faces of Abby Pt. 2

Some more of my crazy faces!

Sitting around a campfire (May 07)
Late night Pizza Hut run! And feeling guilty about it (Aug 07)

Feeling fat from the Pizza Hut (Aug 07)

I dunno. (Aug 07)

Bored with homework (Sept 07)

Girls Night (Nov 07)

Rockin out at the Newsboys concert (Jan 08, maybe?)

We're dorks (Jan 08?)



Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Oh no, you poop?"

Trent was thoroughly annoying the crap outta his dog (not literally). Hutch likes to "talk" to us a lot. Take a look.


The Many *CrAzY* Faces of Abby Pt. 1

I stole Trent's idea. These pictures were taken from the Summer of 2005 to the Summer of 2007. Enjoy!

The first attempt at painting Trent's bedroom in Wyatt (summer 05)
After school fun (Jan 06)

I ate a few too many sunflower seeds (Jan 06)

"IUSB lady" face (Dec 06)

"fat Abby" (Dec 06)
New Year's Eve with my best (Dec 06)
I got a hole-in-one while mini golfing in FL (May 07)
Very disgusting jelly beans, maybe rotten egg flavored? (May 07)

Sad b/c it was our last day in FL (May 07)

On the ride home from FL (May o7)

More to come! :D


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are you really surprised? Didn't think so.

So Trent, Todd, and I went to Fred and Judy's for some church business. After we got things hatched out, Fred pulled out the wii. After some mad games of mariokart, it was time to get fit. We tried skiing, tight rope walking, but it all ended up in a mad hoola-hooping competition between Trent and Todd. Of course, I have videos. Enjoy!

Sorry about your neck, I never figured out how to rotate the videos. I can't even do it on my camera. Oh well. :(


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anniversary in the Windy City

Me and Trent's anniversary getaway to Chicago was great. We had a good time walking for miles, people watching, shopping without buying anything, eating huge messy bbq burgers, and chasing disease-ridden pigeons. Hooray for 5 years! I have pics.



What a week! It pretty much FLEW by. I had two midterms on Wednesday in philosophy and russian art history. Then today, I had two more tests in math and social psychology. I really hope I got an A on my art exam and maybe an A+ on my math test. I dont know, we will see :D Well, since my brain is pretty much fried from studying for a week, I'll just post about the message at church last week. Here goes:

The message was about the Resurrection and Heaven. The first point was: Heaven is the place where God is and where God's will is done. When the second coming comes, Heaven and earth will be the same. God will come to us here on earth. Also, when I die, I sleep in Christ (or am with Christ). The day will come when I will be raised and given my spiritual body. So, I will always have a body, not just be a floating spirit. The return of Jesus as King is the same as the great resurrection and the establishment of Heaven. Also, Heaven is the place for no grief. I won't be sad. I WILL see my relatives, but my vision will be so fixed on God that they won't matter to me. At the resurrection, my eternal condition is fixed. To sum it up: Heaven is the restored, renewed, earth made fit for God to dwell with his people.

So there!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2nd

Today is THE day for Trent and me. It's our day. We have proclaimed it to be OUR day. It's our anniversary! Exactly 5 years ago today, we were heading to the mall in Trent's jeep after I just got done with cheerleading practice. He was seeking some new cologne and on the way up to the mall, we got to talking about "us." You see, during this time, a lot of people were asking us if we were officially a "couple" yet and we never knew how to answer them. We had been talking and hanging out for a few months previous to this but nothing other than that. So, in the jeep, on the way to U.P. Mall in search for some cologne, Trent and I agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. And we even shook on it. The rest is history. Today we exchanged gifts and tomorrow we're heading to Chicago to just hang out, eat some amazing food, and be mushy. It's going to be great. Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you. (imyours)


(By the way, he bought Lucky brand cologne and he now wears it only on our Anniversary.)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Answer to the Psychology Post

Thank you to those of you who posted your 5 characteristics. It was interesting to me to see what you came up with. So here's the big reveal. The theory that we talked about in my social psych class was that when people are asked to say words that describe themselves, they will typically use words that make them unique to other people. Let me explain- none of you used the word "American." Why? Because we're all American here. Now if you were in, let's say, England, you might use the word "American" to describe yourself. This is because more than likely, there aren't going to be other Americans around you. Get it? In class, I didn't say "student" because there were already a class full of students. Instead, I chose to say "twin" because I knew that I was probably going to be the only twin in the class. We choose these words in order to make ourselves unique to others around us. *whew* you can rest peacefully now that you know the answer to psych question :) And now I will leave you with a hilarious video that I captured Monday morning.

Have a nice day :)