Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The second "1st day of school"

Yesterday I went to my second 1st day of school. If this doesn't make sense, I have the same classes on Mon and Wed and different classes on Tue and Thurs. At 10:00 I had my rediculously easy math class. Our professor made us go around and tell her our name, major, and what we think about math. When it got to be my turn I said, "My name is Abby Miller, I'm a psych major, and I'm not too nervous about this class." All the people in their are so talkative so I already made friends with the people I sit around. It will be fun. After math, Trent and I have a break until 1:00 when our last class starts. During our break we usually go to lunch so we went to McDonald's. Oh yum. I got a 6-piece 'mcnugget' and a small fry. It's cheap. And Trent got 2 double cheeseburgers off of the dollar menu. He's cheap. After lunch we went to the library just to chill out before our last class. I, of course, did my ritual 'chill out' routine by playing sudoku and Trent read his textbooks. My social psychology class started at 1:00 and it's going to be really interesting. It's a different view of psychology, I kinda like it. The professor is pretty neat too. That's about it for that class. We left the school at about 2:15 and headed home for our jog.

Yes, I said jog. I haven't jogged since my freshman year of high school when they made us take P.E. Trent and I decided to do something physical for our 'couple bonding time' and I suggested jogging together after our Tue/Thurs classes. WHY?! did I have to suggest jogging. I hate jogging. I don't know what I was thinking. I am so out of shape it's rediculous. While we were jogging I felt like my heart was going to explode. I was gasping for air after a minute into our jog. To keep a long story short, my legs are rediculously sore and I almost fell down the stairs this morning because of it. I don't know if I'll be able to make it tomorrow. We'll see! So there you go- my second 1st day of school is over.


Monday, August 25, 2008

"Can you get me some ibuprofen??"

Last night I went to bed around 10:15. Started out sleeping on my right side. 10 minutes later, rolled over to my stomach. A few minutes later, I was on my left side. Then I ended up laying on my back. Finally at about 11:00 I texted Trent with "I can't sleep." Yep, it's definetely the night before school starts. Luckily, about a minute later after I texted Trent, he called me cuz he was just getting ready to go to bed. After he talked to me for a few minutes, I finally went to sleep.

This morning I woke up at 8 cuz I wanted to straighten my hair and "make a good impression." :) It's a girl thing. It took me about 1.5 hours to get ready then I headed over to Trent's. We got to school, had a heck-of-a-time finding a parking space (like always on the first day of fall semester), but we eventually got to our 11:30 classes. My first class was Intro to Philosophy with a professor that Trent had taken a few years ago. I was so suprised when I saw THREE people that I already knew and felt comfortable talking to. We just did the typical first-day-of-class things like go through the syllabus and do a little group activity. Next, at 1:00 I had my Information Literacy class in the library. It's basically just a required class that teaches us how to use the resources in the library. It's only worth 1 credit and we meet for 50 minutes once a week. It will be cake. My last class of the day started at 2:30 and it's pretty much Russian Art History. GAG. It's not that I don't like art history but Russian?? At least the professor is funny. That class got over at 3:45 and Trent and I headed back to his house.

For some reason on our way home, I started to feel very nauseous. I had a throbbing headache (probably from the information overload) and felt really hot. I wore pants today cuz they always have the AC cranked way up so I'm usually freezing all day. Turns out- not a good idea for the ride home. We got back to Trent's and I went upstairs to the TV room, turned on the fan, pulled my pants and shirt up, and sprawled out on the couch. Trent came up and said, "Do you want my vegetable soup that I'm making?" I said no but asked as he was walking down the stairs, "But can you get me some ibuprofen??" He likes to take care of me :) So needless to say I feel better now, school has started, and things are moving along.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday's @6 on the 23rd of the 8th in 08

Before I start the point of this post, I'd like to describe my position at my church- Horizon Ministries. Currently I am the 'master sound technician' (lol my own made-up title) which means I control all the sound during the service. I use a soundboard which has all the microphones and instruments plugged into it. When you see a video, I unmute the computer audio button; when you hear the band rock out, I unmute all the instruments and mics; and when you hear Pastor Jim speak, unfortunately, I unmute his mic. (Haha! totally joking around on that last part... sorry Jim)

But it's not just the unmute button that's in play, I also have to keep a close listen to the volume and other aspects of sound. This is especially the case when I mix sound for the band. Is the electric guitar too loud? Turn it down. Why can't I hear Brittany singing? Turn her up. Does Trent's guitar sound too tinny? Turn down the treble. Does the violinist have a solo coming up? Turn it up. I also have to keep a close listen when Jim speaks. Why is Jim yelling?! Turn him down! (LOL man I am so sorry Jim)

Now you may be thinking, "How in the world can she listen to the message when she is constantly worrying about the sound of everything?" Well, the truth is, I can't. Most nights I go home and I don't have a clue about what was said. And it's not the fact that it wasn't a good message, it's just that I was too concerned about "was that too loud or too quiet??" THEREFORE, I have devised a plan to solve this problem. I WILL pay attention to the message and (hopefully) every Sunday I will post about what was said. This is my way to reflect on the previous night's message as well as give my readers a little taste of what we believe at Horizon. Don't worry, they will be short and to the point :) So here it goes!

The most significant thing that I took away from last night's message (Aug 23) was the difference between religion and Christianity. Basically, religion is about the DO and Christianity is about the DONE. Religion is all about doing good things and not doing bad things in order to get into heaven- I have to be good or God will punish me. But Christianity is all about not having to earn my way into heaven by doing good things because Jesus already took care of it when he died on the cross. I don't have to DO anything, just accept that it's already been done through Jesus.

A few more points that I found particularly comforting were: there is nothing I can do to make God love me more (doing good deeds)- it's not in my hands. And also: there is nothing I can do to make God love me less(even if I totally reject him).

And lastly, Christianity is not about getting my ticket punched and going to Heaven. It's about my relationship with Jesus and bringing him to others.


Hello World!

Due to popular demand and a smidge of peer pressure, I have decided to create a blog. I've actually been thinking about creating one for awhile but was very hesitant. Let me tell ya, this took some major thought-processing. Weighing the pros and cons and all that jazz. I just kept thinking, "I have nothing to write about. My life isn't very exciting." Then I heard someone say, "I just like reading about peoples' day-to-day lives." So that's what did it for me. That one sentence was my trigger to start this blog. It's not gonna be about my awe-inspiring ideas or outlooks on life or even a 'how-to' guide on how I think YOU should live your life. I'll try to just keep it about my day-to-day routine and funny/lighthearted stories that happen to me. So.... enjoy!

-Abby (or Abs, or AbbyNormal, or Babs, or Scabs, or Flabby Abby- take your pick)

p.s.- For those of you who don't already know, I have been dating this guy named Trent Miles for about 5 years now. He's my best friend and I will try my darndest NOT to write about him in every single post.