Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saturdays @6 on the 30th of the 8th in 08

I lied. I did remember to bring home my notes from the service last Saturday. But I have a good excuse for lying! Amongst all the hustle and bustle of moving, my notes got lost in the black hole I like to call 'my purse'. So here is my recap of last week's message: Old Self-New Self

(This will be brief)
Considering we are approaching our baptism night this coming Saturday, last week's message was about just that- baptism. Some of the main points were that baptism means that I am immersed in Jesus. When I am baptized, I get into Jesus, not Jesus into me. God says, "come and live with me." Not "let me live in you." A few more points are that when I am baptized I: die to my old self and am raised to new life(self). I take off my old self and put on my new self. Basically, the old me is gone and there is a new me. I am a new creation. Lastly, followers of Jesus: (1) are new people and (2) get a do-over/fresh start. The point is that Jesus doesn't want me to carry my old junk around because I am a new creation. What's in the past doesn't matter. It's wiped clean according to Him. Does this mean that my future sins will send me to Hell? Nope. Everyday I can get a fresh start by saying, "Today I die to myself and I live to Christ."
I hope I interpreted this okay in my little mind. :-/

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