Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 years later...

At the beginning of my freshman year at IUSB, I had a xanga website. It's pretty much the same as this, but for a younger generation. My first post in xanga was October 6, 2005. Wow. Almost 3 years ago. That seems like forever ago. But it's fun for me to go back and see what I was thinking/feeling/wondering about when I was only 18 years old. It's amazing how people change so much in so little time. Anyway, one post I made on November 7, 2005, contained a list of things I enjoyed. I looked at the list and a lot of those things I still enjoy. But now there are so many new things. Soooooo.... here's my updated, newer, September 10, 2008 list of things I enjoy. Here it goes! (the majority of them are actually from my old xanga post)

Things I enjoy:
shopping for other people
visiting relatives
napping with Trent
dressing down
falling asleep to the sound of rain (with no thunder, lightning, or wind)
game nights at my Mom's
going shopping with my mom and sister- "the girls"
the smell of Trent's deodorant
car rides to new places
taking hot showers on cold days
tight hugs
being alone
eating Chao Cajun at U.P.
singing very loud in my car
hugging my Mom
making my sister laugh
listening to Norah Jones at night when I get ready for bed
taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon
hearing my Mom's voice
making my brother laugh at me
Trent's big blue-grey eyes
my cute little toes
seeing my Dad smile
brushing my teeth
lazy Sundays
hearing Trent's mom laugh
making Hutch "talk"
afternoon naps
being in the passenger seat
casual bike rides
listening to slow songs on my iPod while people watching
learning about anything and everything in my random classes
egg sandwiches before school
watching Trent grill
filling out surveys
making dough at work
"window shopping" at
deep conversations around campfires
and finally... thinking of things I enjoy

If you want to visit my xanga site just to see what I was into when I was 18-20 years old, the website is


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