Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturdays @6 on the 27th of 9th in 08

I really enjoyed this week's message. It was just really comforting to me because I struggle with constantly worrying about dying and if I'm truly "saved" or not. Well, this week's message kind of put some of those apprehensions behind me and I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The overall message was about what happens when I die. Let me tell ya, there's a little bit of a shocker at the end ;)

Okay, the message started with the point that when I was born, I was physically alive but spritually dead. This is because when I was a baby, I had no clue about God and I only cared about myself- getting fed and having my diaper changed. My physical arrow was pointing up but my spiritual arrow was pointing down. However, when I became a Christian, I was both physically and spiritually alive. Both arrows were pointing up. And then I will die. As one can imagine, I will obviously be physically dead. Here's the shocker (well, one of them): when I die, I will still be spiritually alive. Let me explain...

When I die my spiritual condition is fixed. What does this mean? NOW is the time (when I'm alive) to change my spiritual condition. Because after I die, I will either be spiritually ALIVE (with Jesus) or spiritually DEAD (not with Jesus).

The next point is that followers of Jesus (after they die) are with Jesus and only Jesus. No one else is with me. Not other dead family members or my dog that died a few years ago. Just Jesus. *gasp* WHAT?! I won't even meet up with my other family members who have died?! That's the 2nd shocker.

But the shocker of all shockers: After I die, I'm not going to Heaven. Followers of Jesus go to PARADISE after they die to be with only Jesus. I stay in Paradise with Jesus and wait for the 2nd coming. While I'm in Paradise, I am asleep. Think about it- when I am in a deep sleep now, I have not a care in the world. I am at peace and nothing can bother me. This is why I don't really care that I don't see my family. I am content being with just Jesus because I am asleep. I hope this makes sense.

Now, there becomes a HEAVEN when the 2nd coming of Jesus occurs. AND Heaven will not be in the sky somewhere, it will be here- on earth. The earth will be "restored" and Heaven will be here. I know that Heaven will be here, but I'm not exactly sure where Hell will be. :) C'mon, I don't have all the answers! :) But I do know that non-followers of Jesus, after they die, go to Hades where they are alone. They are not partying with their friends, they are pretty much in solitary confinement. And they weep and gnash their teeth because they wish they were with Jesus in Paradise. As for me, no thank you. I would much rather be asleep with Jesus in Paradise waiting for the earth to be restored into Heaven.

*sigh* Just thinking about this puts me at ease. I can't wait (but I will, I'm not about to commit suicide or anything!) to die and just be with Jesus. Most of all, I can't wait to SLEEP! I love sleep! Ahhhh so relaxing. Alright, I hope this post made a shred of sense to you. It makes perfect sense to me. :)


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Ben Miller said...

Thats pretty much what we talked about when we were in Vermont, pretty good stuff!!