Friday, December 26, 2008

The B.H.A. Christmas Post

OK everyone, here is my "big, hairy, audacious" Christmas post. Let's start with last Saturday, the 20th.

After church, Trent and I went to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas. I always look forward to going to my aunt and uncle's. Good food and funny people are a great combination. We played "dirty bingo" for the first time this year. We divided it by guys and girls gifts. I brought a Victoria's Secret heavenly perfume/lotion combo and received a $20 Kohl's giftcard. Not too shabby. I would've stole the Gap giftcard, but my turn was over :( After the bingo game, we took our annual Christmas photos of every family and couples. Then the "kids" headed to the basement to play RockBand. It was me, Ben, Trent, and my two boy cousins. Then the older guys made their way downstairs to play beer-and fart-filled games of pool. Needless to say, I was the only girl in the basement in a fart-filled basement. It was great! :D

The next Christmas festivity took place at my Mom's on Christmas Eve. She lives in Plymouth and I LOVE going over there for Christmas. Once again, amazing food and funny people, gotta love it. I received some amazing gifts this year. Above all, the laptop that I'm currently typing on ;) It's a 15" Compaq and I love it. I asked for a smaller netbook, but this will just have to do I suppose haha ;) My sister got an xbox360 with RockBand so that's probably what I'll be doing the rest of my break. Ben got an amazing canon camera that he loves. My parents really went all out this year. After opening gifts, we played a hilarious game of mad gab. We always play games when we get together but we've never played mad gab before. It's very funny and quite entertaining.

On Christmas Day, I headed over to Trent's to spend the day with his family. Ben spent the night at Trent's because the rest of our family had other places to be Christmas Day. It was great though, having him at Trent's. We opened gifts in the morning and it was wonderful. I got TWO awesome, cute, functional pair of shoes from Trent's parents and plenty of clothes and patterned socks :D Trent pretty much stuck to my list which was fine because I didn't really NEED anything (like every Christmas). Trent also got a camera for Christmas so it was fun with Ben there too because the boys just played around with their cameras the whole day. Even while we were playing scrabble, they could not keep their hands off of them! I got a little frustrated actually lol. After playing scrabble, we ate a very delicious Christmas dinner that Trent's Mom made. Then had an even more scrumptous dessert. I've definetely had my fair share of amazing cuisine this past week. I mean, prime rib two days in a row! After dinner, the three of us headed back to my apartment to open up stockings. I put the usual in Trent's stocking- one gift and a butt load of candy. However, Trent got a little more creative with mine and Ben's stockings. I received two more pairs of socks, some floss, a snickers energy bar, a flash drive, some extra strength tylonol, and other random things. Ben pretty much got the same in his. Clever, Trent. The rest of the night was filled with the boys taking pictures of Rachel and Derek and his boys opening their gifts. Ben drove back to my Mom's to stay and I headed to Trent's to stay the night before we took off for Ohio. Or so we thought...

Technically, I'm supposed to be in Ohio right now with the rest of Trent's relatives. I went to bed expected to wake up at 5:30am and on the road by 7. However, at 6am, Trent walked into my room and said "Hey I don't think you set your alarm. But that's okay cuz we're not leaving yet. The roads are covered in ice." So I slept in til 9 when he came back into my room and woke me up for good. He told me that we might leave at noon so I got in the shower at 10:30. Right after I got completely ready, I mean.. hair dried and straightened, dressed, makeup on.. Trent's dad came upstairs and said, "Well, we're not going to Ohio." Aw man! All I said was, "Well, I'm ready to go!" lol. So we didn't go to Ohio. Bummer. They kept telling me about all the fun (wink) I was going to have with their family.... oh well. So Trent, his brother and mom, and I went to the crazy, people-filled mall instead. It was a nice relaxing day, nonetheless.

Now here I sit. Reflecting on this great holiday season. I think the best part was being with people I love. It's so great knowing that there are people around you who love you so much and care about you. I feel so at home whenever I go see my family and even when I'm with Trent's family. I can't even imagine what it would be like to spend Christmas alone. I think that's what I'm most thankful for this holiday season. I would've had just as good of a time even if I hadn't received any gifts at all.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Day!

I have never had a day at work like I had today. Wow.... what a day. It seriously felt like a dream, all of the crazy moments. Let's get on with this..

I was supposed to work at 10am and the "dough girl" went in at 7am. I woke up this morning from a dead sleep (I had Christmas at my aunt's last night and we didn't get home til 1) to the sound of my cell phone ringing at 7:18 and what do you know? It was Alysha, the dough girl. She was opening that morning and called me in a panic. "Abby! We have a major problem! The power went out and I can't get ahold of Drew (my manager). I've called his cell and his house phone and no one's picking up!" Half asleep and looking at my own dead clock I said, "Oh my, that IS a problem. I don't have power here either. Um... well, call P.J. (the other manager) and if all else fails, call Hacha (the managers' boss)." She said okay, I wished her good luck, and we hung up.

I wasn't too panicked because I normally set both my alarm on my phone and my regular clock alarm for occasions such as this. However, I could NOT get back to sleep. I was supposed to wake up at 9 but I just layed in bed and worried about Alysha at work. Finally, at 8:45, my sister knocked on my door and wanted to let me know that the power was out. I called Trent and asked him if his power was out and it wasn't. They live on one of the last streets in Donnybrook so they're actually on Nappanee power. Then I called Alysha and thankfully Drew answered. He said there was still no power at work and he'll see me soon. So...! I got up, brushed my teeth in the dark, and headed to work at 9:30.

I got to work and Alysha and Drew were playing phase 10 in the silence and cold. They had already gotten most of the preps done that they could do without power, but no dough-making of course. We use machines for that! Plus, dough doesn't rise very well in a cold building. So the three of us sat in the building, talked and laughed about this crazy situation, and called our loved ones about this madness. Drew was getting fed up that the power wasn't coming back on so he was going to let Alysha and I leave but be "on-call" in case the power came back. We were just about the leave when all of a sudden, at about 10am, the power came on! We were so happy and busted our butts to get some dough made and other things done. This didn't last long because at about 10:15, the building went dead again. Disappointed, we still tried to get more things done but an hour later, Drew let us leave.

I went to Trent's because they still had power and I could warm up there. I didn't stay long because at about 11:45, I got a phone call from Drew saying that the power came back on but he wanted me to stay home for about a half hour just in case it went off again. Well, it didn't and I headed back to work at about 12:15. The power flickered in and out for a few more hours but Drew and I finally got everything made and prepared for the day at around 2:30. He left and I handled the store until 4. Business was starting to pick up when I left at 4 and the night crew was rolling in by then. Whew! My crazy powerless day was over! So I thought...

Trent and I had just started a continuing game of scrabble when I received yet another phone call from Drew. Apparently after I left work, the night crew got KILLED with orders and Drew was unable to help because he was at a family Christmas party. Off to work I headed again to help out the night crew. However, I only stayed for about 40 minutes, enough time to make some pan dough. My work day was finally over at 6pm. I am pooped!

It's kinda funny that we were powerless at work today because last night at church, Jim talked about Jesus being the light of the world and talked about how it feels to be in the light and out of the darkness. We just feel so much better when we're out of the darkness, just like when we finally get power back. *sigh* I am SO thankful that the power is back and I hope it stays on this time. I have to work tomorrow morning at 7am and I'm PRAYING that I do not have to deal with what Alysha dealt with today. PLEASE God...

Time for bed.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Semester Reflections

Since the semester came to a close last week, I thought I would write about all of the crazy circumstances that happened.

I had a few wonderful shockers this semester as far as grades. Remember my Russian art history class? Well, the very first day of class my strict, yet hilarious professor told the class that it was very hard to receive an A in her class. She said you really have to earn an A. This made me extremely nervous until I got an A on my midterm. We had a few writing assignments and I mostly got B's on them. So coming into the final, I had no idea what my grade was. I studied so much but after I took the final, I felt very apprehensive. I felt like there was stuff on the final that I didn't even think I needed to study. I thought for sure that I got a C on it. I was wrong. Last Thursday I emailed my professor to see what my grade was and she said I got a 99/100 on the final and an A+ in the class. WHAT?!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!? How in the world did I get an A+ in RUSSIAN ART HISTORY?! lol I was very.... dumbfounded hah! Anyway, I learned a lot about Russian history from about 1870's to the 1940's. Very interesting stuff, actually. I know that Dostoevsky wrote Crime and Punishment and Tchaikovsky composed The Nutcracker. AND I actually know how to pronounce these names ;) I think the reason I got a good grade was because it's easier for me to remember weird things, like the names of these artists. Isn't it much easier to remember a name like Rimsky-Korsakov (who wrote "Flight of the Bumblebee," by the way) then John Smith?? Well, I think so.

Another shocker was in my social psychology class. This class' grade was based solely on 4 tests and the final. The whole class was out of 500 points, 100 points for each test. No room for error here, kids. The first test I got an 82... not thrilled about that grade, but hey it was a B. Then, the second test I got a freaking 74... really wasn't happy about that one! My grade was sitting at a very low B. After that, I needed a game plan. Since I finally discovered after 2 tests that they were based on only vocab words and experiments in the textbook, I studied those hard. Hundreds of notecards later, I finally got a 94 on the last 2 tests. It was about time I got A's on those darn tests! So, now comes the final. I finally raised my grade to a high B, close to an A-. I figured it out that I had to get an A+ on the final to finally get a 90%(A-) in the class. Psshhh! Yeah right, I knew I was NOT going to get a freakin A+ on that final. So I thought..... I checked my grade 2 days ago and guess what?! I got the highest grade on the final which meant I got 100/100 on the final. WHAT?!!! So I ended up with an A- in the class. WHEW! By the way, in case you cared, 'high need for cognition' means that you enjoy deep-thinking. I, on the other hand, have low need for cognition :)

My other 3 classes (philosophy, math, and my library class), I did consistently well throughout the semester. I had and kept an A+ in my math class from the very first grade. My professor told me that I had the highest grade in the class during the entire semester. The library class included easy assignments about how to use the resources at the library. I did very well on the final project getting a 299/300 and my professor asked if she could use it as an example for next semester's class. I was a little surprised that I got an A in philosophy, however. Some days I either really didn't understand the material or I just didn't care about what was being discussed. Somehow, I don't really know how though, I got an A.

I hope it doesn't feel like I'm bragging about my grades. It's just that I've never gotten all A's before and to get them in college...? Wow, I'm just proud of myself. I studied hard and prayed harder. Actually, you know what, I think it was the coffee. ;)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings


Friday, December 12, 2008

Survey: Part 4

Finally! This is the last section of this crazy-long survey. Ugh... :)

[136] Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? yep... 5 years and 2 months

[137] What annoys you most? anything rythmic (like a clicking clock or snoring) while I'm trying to sleep

[138] Fave 'scary' movie? I don't really like scary movies

[139] Fave 'action' movie? is Fight Club considered action?

[140] Fave 'romantic' movie? Love Actually

[141] Do you have an accent? doesn't everybody?

[142] Who is your role model? Jesus! lol

[143] Do you like surprises? I do

[144] What's the ideal age to die? anywhere over 85 I guess

[145] Do you like to dance? very much so

[146] Ever took ballet? nope, just gymnastics when I was like 5

[147] Bold or pastel colors? both are good

[148] Do you still wear Tommy Hilfiger? I never did

[149] What brand do you wear most? American Eagle

[150] What do you normally watch on TV? cops, I freaking love cops!

[151] Do you have any 'special' talents? I can stick my foot in my ribs... it's hard to explain but I'll show you sometime if you ask me to

[152] What's your favorite sport? didn't I already answer this question?

[153] Can you swim? yep

[154] Can you play a musical instrument? I learned a little Norah Jones ditty on Trent's keyboard. but that's as far as my musical talents go

[155] What star sign are you? pisces

[156] Do you prefer public schools or private? well since I went to a public school then I guess public

[157] Do you care what people think? yes, I think everybody does to some extent

[158] Have you ever shot a gun? just my brother's BB gun

[159] What's your biggest fear? dying or having someone close to me die

[160] How many hours of sleep do you normally get? anywhere from 6-9... depends on the day

[161] Regular ice or crushed ice? regular, I hate crushed ice, it gets in the way of the drink

[162] Blue ink or black ink? I think I prefer black for some reason

[163] Are your clothes mostly loose or tight fit? I have equal amounts of both (b/c I gained 12 pounds over the summer so now I have a lot more tight-fitting clothes) but I feel uncomfortable in stuff that's too tight

[164] Have any peircings? just in my left ear, the other side closed up

[165] Gold or silver? white gold

[166] What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Pantene beautiful lengths, I'm trying to grow out my hair again. If the shampoo doesn't help, it will still make me think that my hair is growing faster ;)

[167] Do you blow dry your hair? everyday, depends on how much heat I use though. more heat for straighter hair and on the cool setting for wavy hair. in case you cared haha

[168] What do you sleep in? sweat pants and a baseball t-shirt

[169] What's the last book you've read? just books for school, probably my social psych book for my final yesterday

[170] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Christina has a better voice, Britney is a little cookoo!

[171] Spiderman or Dare Devil? Spiderman

[172] Have you ever broken a bone? nope *knock on wood*

[173] Shower or Bath? shower, baths make me feel dirty for some reason.... I don't know, sitting in my own filth may have something to do with it

[174] Do you have any cavities? 4, but they're filled

[175] Have you ever wore braces? yep from 8th-10th grade

[176] What do you live in? an apartment

[177] Would you choose true love or to be rich? true love for sure

[178] Do you have Cable? amish cable haha

[179] Do you play any computer games? just solitaire

[180] How long did it take you to finish this? oh let's see... about a week! haha


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Survey: Part 3

[91] Ever got a detention? the closest I've ever come was getting a 1/2 hour 'study table' from Ms. Cole in 8th grade

[92] Ever been suspended? no way!

[93] Better: Punk or Prep? prep but it would be fun to go punk for a day

[94] Ever blew a beverage out your nose? no way that would hurt so bad

[95] Do you like jaw breakers? not really, I'm too inpatient

[96] What color is your room? cream, boring

[97] What do you say a lot? "whatev" "good grief" "oh geez"

[98] What's your best personality trait? I'm pretty mellow and always optimistic

[99] What's your worst personality trait? selfishness

[100] Do you have any medical problems? allergic to amoxacillin, found that out the hard way one time

[101] Are you listening to anything? the fan of the space heater

[102] What's the last movie you've watched in Theatre? Role Models, very funny

[103] Who is your favorite friend? aw that's not fair!

[104] Who do you get along with the best? everyone! I hate conflict

[105] Who do you fight with a lot? Trent, but we don't really 'fight' or even argue all that much

[106] Who is your funniest friend? my brother

[107] Do you talk too much? not at all, people actually tell me that I need to talk MORE

[108] Ever fell asleep in class? never

[109] Sneakers or open-toed shoes? sneakers?? open-toad shoes?? who calls them that anymore?! I wear SHOES

[110] Can you do a cartwheel? sure can! those years of gymnastics did me well :)

[111] Ever been camping? a few times, my favorite part of camping is making breakfast over the fire

[112] Shorts or jeans? I really don't like wearing shorts, even in the summer. I hate being cold and I know that everywhere is air conditioned, so why risk it?

[113] Double dates or just the two of you? double dates are good every once in awhile but I like to be just the two of us most of the time

[114] Do you go to camp? went to church camp for like 10 years!

[115] When's the last time your parents spanked you? I don't think I've ever been spanked. I was the easiest child to raise, you know ;)

[116] Can you rhyme well? not really

[117] Have you ever belonged to a gang? oh yeah, cuz we have so many gangs in Bremen

[118] Know people who belong to a gang? nope

[119] Do you smoke ciggarettes? ew no

[120] Indoors or outdoors? outdoors only when it's warm

[121] Have you ever gotten beaten up? nope

[122] Do you know how to cook? not right now, but I think I'll be okay at it when I become a wife

[123] Do you know how to do laundry? yeah, I actually enjoy doing laundry :)

[124] When you get a pizza, how many slices do you eat? usually 2, but pizza does BAD things to my stomach (Todd knows)

[125] How tall are you? almost 5'4"

[126] Do you consider yourself too fat/skinny? nah

[127] Do you watch the superbowl? just for the commercials

[128] What's your least favorite color? I don't really like orange

[129] Have you ever faked being sick? nope

[130] Ever done something illegal? yeah! I speed on a daily basis

[131] What's the longest you've stayed up? 4 am at middle school (and college lol) sleepovers :)

[132] Are you afraid of dying? I am, but I'm learning not to be

[133] What's your biggest regret? nothing really

[134] Ever picked up a hitchiker? heck no! I never would either

[135] Is your name on any bathroom walls? I doubt it


Friday, December 5, 2008

Dr. Abby Miller

Today I had an epiphany. As I was working hard at making dough this morning at work, with the smell of yeast in the air, and listening to the morning guys on U93, I began to think about my future. Considering this semester flew by (like they always do), I realized that after next semester, I only have one measly year left of college. Woah. Many things will be changing even within this year. Plans are being made that will affect my entire life. My life is moving forward. And that made me very apprehensive.

But then I began to think about school. I love school so much. I love learning about all the random things in my classes, including Russian art history. A few people have recently asked me if I was going to try for my Master's. And you know what, I think I want to. Why shouldn't I? I really like school and I'm getting better grades than I ever have before. I began to think about my future job. I realized that my dream job would be to do research with a group of other psychologists. Making people take surveys and doing experiments sounds like so much fun to me. Then I realized that those kind of people usually have a PhD. Then I thought, why couldn't I get a PhD?? What's stopping me? What's the worse that could happen? I know there's the money issue, but if I go broke, I know there will be people who love me so much that they would take care of me. Even if I fail, at least I tried to attain some sort of dream.

This idea got me extremely excited this morning. What would happen if I had a PhD? Would I make a lot of money doing what I would love doing? How awesome would that be!? It seems so out of the norm from what I'm used to. I always thought I would live the cookie-cutter life by graduating college, getting married, getting a mediocre job that I didn't really like but paid the bills, having kids, living in Bremen for the rest of my life... which doesn't sound bad, but it's just too "average." But now I realize that I don't have to live like that. I can do things out of the ordinary. I can get a PhD, move away, and maybe not even have kids. It's my life and I can do whatever I want with it. I'm so excited!! :D

On another, kind of random note... why do I think that my life hasn't "started yet" just because I haven't graduated college yet, I'm not married yet, and don't have kids yet? It's weird to think that I'm not "living" just because of those things. Why do we think that "life" is all about going to work and having a spouse/kids?? Is that the best we can do? I don't know, it was just a thought I had.

Things will be dramatically changing for me in the next two years or so. I used to be scared. Now, I'm ready!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survey: Part 2

More survey questions:

[46] Do people think you're crazy? only when I'm hyper

[47] How many people on your buddylist? I don't have a buddylist anymore

[51] How many songs do you know all the words to? A LOT!

[52] Do you listen to The Beatles? nope, sorry

[53] Do you listen to Eminem? only if he has a song on U93, but I don't have any of his CD's

[54] Do you know anyone who thinks they're Eminem? hah yeah

[55] Do you read books often? just for school

[56] Do you strive to fit in? not really, I just try to be nice and if people don't like that, well then there's nothing else I can do

[57] Fave gum? orbit white, in the pink big-e-pack

[58] Do you snore? nope, I sleep very quietly

[59] Are you afraid of thunderstorms? just the wind and lightening.... so yeah lol

[60] Do you care what you look like? not so much anymore, it's kinda nice

[61] Is your hair color fake? not anymore, it's all grown out and natural now

[62] Whacha wearing? dark jeans, green tank top, maroon long sleeve hoodie, and a cream cordory blazer

[63] When's the last time you talk to anyone? like 2 minutes ago, he's counting change now lol

[64] Do you 'fall in love' easily? no, I don't think I used to either

[65] What's your best physical feature? I love my toes! I could probably be a foot model lol

[66] What attracts you most to the oppisite sex? eyes, jaw, smile, adam's apple LOL

[67] Are you picky about who you date? I don't date anymore

[68] What's your favorite cologne? probably curve

[69] What's your favorite perfume? glow by j.lo

[70] Do you like roller coasters? hate em, I'm a big wuss if you couldn't tell already

[71] Have you ever flown in a plane? yep

[72] Do you wear make-up? uh yeah! I wear more now than I did in high school. it's just fun

[73] Have you ever went bungee jumping? no and I never will

[74] Ever been to Paris? nope

[75] Do you believe in Vampires? um no

[76] Even if you could become a Vampire? still a no

[77] Would you call yourself normal? I don't think anyone is normal, we are all unique

[78] Have you ever gone skinny dipping? only in a bathtub

[79] Do you eat seafood? oh yes

[81] Ever drove while drunk? never been drunk... so no

[83] Have you ever lit yourself on fire? LOL probably not!

[84] How many people do you trust with your life? the few people closest to me

[85] Are you considered intelligent? I'm book smart but not common sense smart

[86] Are you considered a nerd? hah now that I'm getting better grades I probably am

[87] Do you talk on the phone a lot? not really

[88] How often do you take a shower? everyday

[89] What kind of bodywash do you use? dove bars

[90] What's your favorite candy bar? gotta be snickers, it's a classic


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Survey: Part 1

Since I am a little on a blog "dry spell," I've decided to take a survey that I took back in May 2007. If you have quite a bit of time to waste, I would suggest reading these survey answers, if you want of course. It's pretty long. There are 180 questions total so I think I'll do 4 posts of 45 questions. :) Here goes...

[1] What did you want to be when you were younger? a teacher or cosmotologist

[2] What's your favorite type of music? I like calm music like Norah Jones, A Fine Frenzy, Howie Day, James Blunt, Colbie Callait... with a little alternative rock

[3] What do you spend most your time doing? sleeping, duh

[4] Would you rather stay at home or go out? I would rather stay in nowadays. I'm always hustle-bustling around so it's good to just calm down and stay home

[5] What is your favorite 'fast food' restaurant? hmmm... Chick-fil-A, but DQ is gaining on me

[6] What is your favorite restaurant? Chao Cajun at U.P. Mall, Logan's is good too

[7] Are you a farmer? that'd be a no

[8] If you could marry anyone who would it be? anyone?! how bout Brad Pitt...? jk, Trent wins.

[9] How much do you think about the oppisite sex? I would say... about 12 hours a day lol

[10] What's your favorite toothpaste? colgate total whitening PASTE, gel is nasty

[11] What kind of grades do you make? mostly A's, with an upsetting B in there every once in awhile

[12] If you could go anywhere where would you go? I bet Greece is pretty

[13] How many people do you live with? it's just me and my sissy wissy :)

[14] What is your favorite sport? I like watching gymnastics on TV, or figure skating

[15] How many kids do you want? 2, maybe 3

[16] What would you name them? boy- Kyser.... girl- Lilly

[17] What color lipgloss/lipstick do you usually wear? cherry flavored softlips or chapstick

[18] Coke or Pepsi? DIET coke, but I rarely drink pop

[19] What's the last thing you bought from a Pharmacy? pills! duh... what kind of pills? you'll never know

[20] Have you ever been in a wreck? a bike wreck when I was 5, my bottom teeth went through my bottom lip.... scarred me (literally) for life.

[21] When do you usually go to bed? around 10:30, give or take a half hour

[22] Whats the worst thing you ever did? when I was 9, I wrote a mean note and stuck it in the neighbor's mailbox.... needless to say, we moved LOL

[23] Do you attend church? yep, I'm the 'sound technician'

[24] How many friends do you have? a few close ones, that's about it

[25] What's your greatest accomplishment? getting an A in any class

[26] What do you plan to be when you're older? I really don't know.... alive, I hope

[27] What's your favorite PJ's? fleece pants and a thermal shirt

[28] What's your favorite thing to do? eat LOL

[29] What color hair do you have? darkish brown

[30] Do you sing well? not really

[31] Have you ever been in love? currently :)

[32] Would you eat a cochroach for $500? maybe if it was dead or cooked, not alive

[33] Are you afraid of the dark? I used to be, but ever since I moved into my apartment, it's not an issue anymore. I feel safer :)

[34] Are you bored? nah

[35] Where's the last place you've been? I went to the library at school to study, stayed for about 10 minutes, then got an a computer lol

[36] Do you wear a lot of black? not really, but I actually am right now!

[37] Do you get along with your parents? most of the time

[38] Would you consider yourself 'popular'? not really, I'm just average

[39] Do you live in the country, burbs, or city? city, if you can call Bremen a city

[40] Most painful experience? when my parents got divorced

[41] Most happy experience? when I found out that Trent liked me. I had the biggest crush on him for years and was EXTATIC when someone told me he liked me too

[42] Have you ever been stalked? I hope not, but if I have been, they were good at hiding

[43] Have you ever egged a house? nope, I'm a wuss

[44] Do you go hunting (deer,duck,etc)? nope, just fishing

[45] Do you support PETA? sure why not

More answers to come!