Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturdays @6 on the 13th of the 9th in 08

Sorry so late about posting this 4 days later. I haven't had a whole lot of down time between school, homework, church, and social time. However, tonight I have some time to talk about last week's church service. I didn't post about last week because we had a baptism night last Saturday. We did it out at Huff's pond and it was great! I think about 8-10 people got baptized and there was food too! lol. Anyway, about this week...

The main point of it was about small groups and how being in groups keeps us accountable. It was a great message for me to hear because the message was a lot about being connected with other people. It just fit with what's going on in my life now. Things are changing and it's good. Basically, it's good to have...just.... PEOPLE around you! Especially ones you love :) but anyway! Back to the message. Some of the points were that God created for community or togetherness, because when God created man, he realized that man needed a companion. It's good for people to be and talk together. Another point was that people don't feel loved because they don't love others. And it's not love if I make it about myself. If I make it about others, then it's love. Does this make sense? Sorry, I'm watching a re-run of Friends and I can't really concentrate. :) Ok, the point that I really understood and could apply to my life was that I hold up a "DO NOT ENTER" sign to everyone except maybe 2 people. I need to learn to put the sign down and let people in to open myself up to love. So that was really the point that hit me the most.

Ok, time to go study for my social psych test tomorrow! It's gonna be a doozy. Good night world!


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