Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Answer to the Psychology Post

Thank you to those of you who posted your 5 characteristics. It was interesting to me to see what you came up with. So here's the big reveal. The theory that we talked about in my social psych class was that when people are asked to say words that describe themselves, they will typically use words that make them unique to other people. Let me explain- none of you used the word "American." Why? Because we're all American here. Now if you were in, let's say, England, you might use the word "American" to describe yourself. This is because more than likely, there aren't going to be other Americans around you. Get it? In class, I didn't say "student" because there were already a class full of students. Instead, I chose to say "twin" because I knew that I was probably going to be the only twin in the class. We choose these words in order to make ourselves unique to others around us. *whew* you can rest peacefully now that you know the answer to psych question :) And now I will leave you with a hilarious video that I captured Monday morning.

Have a nice day :)



Ben Miller said...

poor trent, hes gotta be so embarrassed.

Trent Miles said...

American I come!

jdm said...

What a great way to start my day! I wish I could access this blog at school, 'cause I'd be sharin'.

Made me LOL.