Friday, December 26, 2008

The B.H.A. Christmas Post

OK everyone, here is my "big, hairy, audacious" Christmas post. Let's start with last Saturday, the 20th.

After church, Trent and I went to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas. I always look forward to going to my aunt and uncle's. Good food and funny people are a great combination. We played "dirty bingo" for the first time this year. We divided it by guys and girls gifts. I brought a Victoria's Secret heavenly perfume/lotion combo and received a $20 Kohl's giftcard. Not too shabby. I would've stole the Gap giftcard, but my turn was over :( After the bingo game, we took our annual Christmas photos of every family and couples. Then the "kids" headed to the basement to play RockBand. It was me, Ben, Trent, and my two boy cousins. Then the older guys made their way downstairs to play beer-and fart-filled games of pool. Needless to say, I was the only girl in the basement in a fart-filled basement. It was great! :D

The next Christmas festivity took place at my Mom's on Christmas Eve. She lives in Plymouth and I LOVE going over there for Christmas. Once again, amazing food and funny people, gotta love it. I received some amazing gifts this year. Above all, the laptop that I'm currently typing on ;) It's a 15" Compaq and I love it. I asked for a smaller netbook, but this will just have to do I suppose haha ;) My sister got an xbox360 with RockBand so that's probably what I'll be doing the rest of my break. Ben got an amazing canon camera that he loves. My parents really went all out this year. After opening gifts, we played a hilarious game of mad gab. We always play games when we get together but we've never played mad gab before. It's very funny and quite entertaining.

On Christmas Day, I headed over to Trent's to spend the day with his family. Ben spent the night at Trent's because the rest of our family had other places to be Christmas Day. It was great though, having him at Trent's. We opened gifts in the morning and it was wonderful. I got TWO awesome, cute, functional pair of shoes from Trent's parents and plenty of clothes and patterned socks :D Trent pretty much stuck to my list which was fine because I didn't really NEED anything (like every Christmas). Trent also got a camera for Christmas so it was fun with Ben there too because the boys just played around with their cameras the whole day. Even while we were playing scrabble, they could not keep their hands off of them! I got a little frustrated actually lol. After playing scrabble, we ate a very delicious Christmas dinner that Trent's Mom made. Then had an even more scrumptous dessert. I've definetely had my fair share of amazing cuisine this past week. I mean, prime rib two days in a row! After dinner, the three of us headed back to my apartment to open up stockings. I put the usual in Trent's stocking- one gift and a butt load of candy. However, Trent got a little more creative with mine and Ben's stockings. I received two more pairs of socks, some floss, a snickers energy bar, a flash drive, some extra strength tylonol, and other random things. Ben pretty much got the same in his. Clever, Trent. The rest of the night was filled with the boys taking pictures of Rachel and Derek and his boys opening their gifts. Ben drove back to my Mom's to stay and I headed to Trent's to stay the night before we took off for Ohio. Or so we thought...

Technically, I'm supposed to be in Ohio right now with the rest of Trent's relatives. I went to bed expected to wake up at 5:30am and on the road by 7. However, at 6am, Trent walked into my room and said "Hey I don't think you set your alarm. But that's okay cuz we're not leaving yet. The roads are covered in ice." So I slept in til 9 when he came back into my room and woke me up for good. He told me that we might leave at noon so I got in the shower at 10:30. Right after I got completely ready, I mean.. hair dried and straightened, dressed, makeup on.. Trent's dad came upstairs and said, "Well, we're not going to Ohio." Aw man! All I said was, "Well, I'm ready to go!" lol. So we didn't go to Ohio. Bummer. They kept telling me about all the fun (wink) I was going to have with their family.... oh well. So Trent, his brother and mom, and I went to the crazy, people-filled mall instead. It was a nice relaxing day, nonetheless.

Now here I sit. Reflecting on this great holiday season. I think the best part was being with people I love. It's so great knowing that there are people around you who love you so much and care about you. I feel so at home whenever I go see my family and even when I'm with Trent's family. I can't even imagine what it would be like to spend Christmas alone. I think that's what I'm most thankful for this holiday season. I would've had just as good of a time even if I hadn't received any gifts at all.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!



Todd said...

Geez, the whole travel thing has been so crazy over the past week. Now it is 60 degrees - made for a nice run!

Trent Miles said...

You wouldn't have had enough time in the day to blog about all of your Ohio experiences. In a way, you should be happy we didn't go. It probably saved you from a bad case of Carpal Tunnel