Sunday, January 4, 2009

Drawing is Fun!

So, it was 10pm and Trent and I were bored. Therefore, we decided to draw a little comic of our day. Here is my interpretation of our day, but mostly my interpretation of his drawings. I thought I could do them more justice. :) Click on the picture to enlarge. Enjoy!

1. Abby working at Pizza Hut at 7am
2. Trent still sleeping at home
3. Abby's done at work at noon
4. Trent meets Abby at her apartment
5. Trent and Abby play an intense game of RockBand
6. Trent and Abby go to the park to take some pictures
7. Trent mostly takes pictures of Abby
8. Trent and Abby go back to Trent's and play Mario Kart on the wii
9. Trent watches "Fun with Dick and Jane" while Abby sleeps
10. Trent and Abby decide to draw a comic of their day
11. Trent drives Abby home
12. Good night kiss!

Check out Trent's blog to see his drawings. Have a great night!



Ben Miller said...

If you want to be able to enlarge a picture after you post, while you are adjusting things before you post, you cant move the picture by dragging it. You have to move the text instead. I had to do some trial and error to figure that out. Delete the picture, upload it again, and see if that works :)

jdm said...

I love #7. It makes me laugh every time I look at it because I can see you doing this. Vamp.