Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Day!

I have never had a day at work like I had today. Wow.... what a day. It seriously felt like a dream, all of the crazy moments. Let's get on with this..

I was supposed to work at 10am and the "dough girl" went in at 7am. I woke up this morning from a dead sleep (I had Christmas at my aunt's last night and we didn't get home til 1) to the sound of my cell phone ringing at 7:18 and what do you know? It was Alysha, the dough girl. She was opening that morning and called me in a panic. "Abby! We have a major problem! The power went out and I can't get ahold of Drew (my manager). I've called his cell and his house phone and no one's picking up!" Half asleep and looking at my own dead clock I said, "Oh my, that IS a problem. I don't have power here either. Um... well, call P.J. (the other manager) and if all else fails, call Hacha (the managers' boss)." She said okay, I wished her good luck, and we hung up.

I wasn't too panicked because I normally set both my alarm on my phone and my regular clock alarm for occasions such as this. However, I could NOT get back to sleep. I was supposed to wake up at 9 but I just layed in bed and worried about Alysha at work. Finally, at 8:45, my sister knocked on my door and wanted to let me know that the power was out. I called Trent and asked him if his power was out and it wasn't. They live on one of the last streets in Donnybrook so they're actually on Nappanee power. Then I called Alysha and thankfully Drew answered. He said there was still no power at work and he'll see me soon. So...! I got up, brushed my teeth in the dark, and headed to work at 9:30.

I got to work and Alysha and Drew were playing phase 10 in the silence and cold. They had already gotten most of the preps done that they could do without power, but no dough-making of course. We use machines for that! Plus, dough doesn't rise very well in a cold building. So the three of us sat in the building, talked and laughed about this crazy situation, and called our loved ones about this madness. Drew was getting fed up that the power wasn't coming back on so he was going to let Alysha and I leave but be "on-call" in case the power came back. We were just about the leave when all of a sudden, at about 10am, the power came on! We were so happy and busted our butts to get some dough made and other things done. This didn't last long because at about 10:15, the building went dead again. Disappointed, we still tried to get more things done but an hour later, Drew let us leave.

I went to Trent's because they still had power and I could warm up there. I didn't stay long because at about 11:45, I got a phone call from Drew saying that the power came back on but he wanted me to stay home for about a half hour just in case it went off again. Well, it didn't and I headed back to work at about 12:15. The power flickered in and out for a few more hours but Drew and I finally got everything made and prepared for the day at around 2:30. He left and I handled the store until 4. Business was starting to pick up when I left at 4 and the night crew was rolling in by then. Whew! My crazy powerless day was over! So I thought...

Trent and I had just started a continuing game of scrabble when I received yet another phone call from Drew. Apparently after I left work, the night crew got KILLED with orders and Drew was unable to help because he was at a family Christmas party. Off to work I headed again to help out the night crew. However, I only stayed for about 40 minutes, enough time to make some pan dough. My work day was finally over at 6pm. I am pooped!

It's kinda funny that we were powerless at work today because last night at church, Jim talked about Jesus being the light of the world and talked about how it feels to be in the light and out of the darkness. We just feel so much better when we're out of the darkness, just like when we finally get power back. *sigh* I am SO thankful that the power is back and I hope it stays on this time. I have to work tomorrow morning at 7am and I'm PRAYING that I do not have to deal with what Alysha dealt with today. PLEASE God...

Time for bed.


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