Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Survey: Part 3

[91] Ever got a detention? the closest I've ever come was getting a 1/2 hour 'study table' from Ms. Cole in 8th grade

[92] Ever been suspended? no way!

[93] Better: Punk or Prep? prep but it would be fun to go punk for a day

[94] Ever blew a beverage out your nose? no way that would hurt so bad

[95] Do you like jaw breakers? not really, I'm too inpatient

[96] What color is your room? cream, boring

[97] What do you say a lot? "whatev" "good grief" "oh geez"

[98] What's your best personality trait? I'm pretty mellow and always optimistic

[99] What's your worst personality trait? selfishness

[100] Do you have any medical problems? allergic to amoxacillin, found that out the hard way one time

[101] Are you listening to anything? the fan of the space heater

[102] What's the last movie you've watched in Theatre? Role Models, very funny

[103] Who is your favorite friend? aw that's not fair!

[104] Who do you get along with the best? everyone! I hate conflict

[105] Who do you fight with a lot? Trent, but we don't really 'fight' or even argue all that much

[106] Who is your funniest friend? my brother

[107] Do you talk too much? not at all, people actually tell me that I need to talk MORE

[108] Ever fell asleep in class? never

[109] Sneakers or open-toed shoes? sneakers?? open-toad shoes?? who calls them that anymore?! I wear SHOES

[110] Can you do a cartwheel? sure can! those years of gymnastics did me well :)

[111] Ever been camping? a few times, my favorite part of camping is making breakfast over the fire

[112] Shorts or jeans? I really don't like wearing shorts, even in the summer. I hate being cold and I know that everywhere is air conditioned, so why risk it?

[113] Double dates or just the two of you? double dates are good every once in awhile but I like to be just the two of us most of the time

[114] Do you go to camp? went to church camp for like 10 years!

[115] When's the last time your parents spanked you? I don't think I've ever been spanked. I was the easiest child to raise, you know ;)

[116] Can you rhyme well? not really

[117] Have you ever belonged to a gang? oh yeah, cuz we have so many gangs in Bremen

[118] Know people who belong to a gang? nope

[119] Do you smoke ciggarettes? ew no

[120] Indoors or outdoors? outdoors only when it's warm

[121] Have you ever gotten beaten up? nope

[122] Do you know how to cook? not right now, but I think I'll be okay at it when I become a wife

[123] Do you know how to do laundry? yeah, I actually enjoy doing laundry :)

[124] When you get a pizza, how many slices do you eat? usually 2, but pizza does BAD things to my stomach (Todd knows)

[125] How tall are you? almost 5'4"

[126] Do you consider yourself too fat/skinny? nah

[127] Do you watch the superbowl? just for the commercials

[128] What's your least favorite color? I don't really like orange

[129] Have you ever faked being sick? nope

[130] Ever done something illegal? yeah! I speed on a daily basis

[131] What's the longest you've stayed up? 4 am at middle school (and college lol) sleepovers :)

[132] Are you afraid of dying? I am, but I'm learning not to be

[133] What's your biggest regret? nothing really

[134] Ever picked up a hitchiker? heck no! I never would either

[135] Is your name on any bathroom walls? I doubt it


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