Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Survey: Part 1

Since I am a little on a blog "dry spell," I've decided to take a survey that I took back in May 2007. If you have quite a bit of time to waste, I would suggest reading these survey answers, if you want of course. It's pretty long. There are 180 questions total so I think I'll do 4 posts of 45 questions. :) Here goes...

[1] What did you want to be when you were younger? a teacher or cosmotologist

[2] What's your favorite type of music? I like calm music like Norah Jones, A Fine Frenzy, Howie Day, James Blunt, Colbie Callait... with a little alternative rock

[3] What do you spend most your time doing? sleeping, duh

[4] Would you rather stay at home or go out? I would rather stay in nowadays. I'm always hustle-bustling around so it's good to just calm down and stay home

[5] What is your favorite 'fast food' restaurant? hmmm... Chick-fil-A, but DQ is gaining on me

[6] What is your favorite restaurant? Chao Cajun at U.P. Mall, Logan's is good too

[7] Are you a farmer? that'd be a no

[8] If you could marry anyone who would it be? anyone?! how bout Brad Pitt...? jk, Trent wins.

[9] How much do you think about the oppisite sex? I would say... about 12 hours a day lol

[10] What's your favorite toothpaste? colgate total whitening PASTE, gel is nasty

[11] What kind of grades do you make? mostly A's, with an upsetting B in there every once in awhile

[12] If you could go anywhere where would you go? I bet Greece is pretty

[13] How many people do you live with? it's just me and my sissy wissy :)

[14] What is your favorite sport? I like watching gymnastics on TV, or figure skating

[15] How many kids do you want? 2, maybe 3

[16] What would you name them? boy- Kyser.... girl- Lilly

[17] What color lipgloss/lipstick do you usually wear? cherry flavored softlips or chapstick

[18] Coke or Pepsi? DIET coke, but I rarely drink pop

[19] What's the last thing you bought from a Pharmacy? pills! duh... what kind of pills? you'll never know

[20] Have you ever been in a wreck? a bike wreck when I was 5, my bottom teeth went through my bottom lip.... scarred me (literally) for life.

[21] When do you usually go to bed? around 10:30, give or take a half hour

[22] Whats the worst thing you ever did? when I was 9, I wrote a mean note and stuck it in the neighbor's mailbox.... needless to say, we moved LOL

[23] Do you attend church? yep, I'm the 'sound technician'

[24] How many friends do you have? a few close ones, that's about it

[25] What's your greatest accomplishment? getting an A in any class

[26] What do you plan to be when you're older? I really don't know.... alive, I hope

[27] What's your favorite PJ's? fleece pants and a thermal shirt

[28] What's your favorite thing to do? eat LOL

[29] What color hair do you have? darkish brown

[30] Do you sing well? not really

[31] Have you ever been in love? currently :)

[32] Would you eat a cochroach for $500? maybe if it was dead or cooked, not alive

[33] Are you afraid of the dark? I used to be, but ever since I moved into my apartment, it's not an issue anymore. I feel safer :)

[34] Are you bored? nah

[35] Where's the last place you've been? I went to the library at school to study, stayed for about 10 minutes, then got an a computer lol

[36] Do you wear a lot of black? not really, but I actually am right now!

[37] Do you get along with your parents? most of the time

[38] Would you consider yourself 'popular'? not really, I'm just average

[39] Do you live in the country, burbs, or city? city, if you can call Bremen a city

[40] Most painful experience? when my parents got divorced

[41] Most happy experience? when I found out that Trent liked me. I had the biggest crush on him for years and was EXTATIC when someone told me he liked me too

[42] Have you ever been stalked? I hope not, but if I have been, they were good at hiding

[43] Have you ever egged a house? nope, I'm a wuss

[44] Do you go hunting (deer,duck,etc)? nope, just fishing

[45] Do you support PETA? sure why not

More answers to come!



Trent Miles said...

Tell us more about the note in #22. What did it say?!?!

Abby Miller said...

HAH! you'll have to ask my mom, she'll tell ya. It's not appropriate to say those things on here ;)

Mom said...

I will respect Abby's right to privacy :)


Love ya