Friday, December 12, 2008

Survey: Part 4

Finally! This is the last section of this crazy-long survey. Ugh... :)

[136] Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? yep... 5 years and 2 months

[137] What annoys you most? anything rythmic (like a clicking clock or snoring) while I'm trying to sleep

[138] Fave 'scary' movie? I don't really like scary movies

[139] Fave 'action' movie? is Fight Club considered action?

[140] Fave 'romantic' movie? Love Actually

[141] Do you have an accent? doesn't everybody?

[142] Who is your role model? Jesus! lol

[143] Do you like surprises? I do

[144] What's the ideal age to die? anywhere over 85 I guess

[145] Do you like to dance? very much so

[146] Ever took ballet? nope, just gymnastics when I was like 5

[147] Bold or pastel colors? both are good

[148] Do you still wear Tommy Hilfiger? I never did

[149] What brand do you wear most? American Eagle

[150] What do you normally watch on TV? cops, I freaking love cops!

[151] Do you have any 'special' talents? I can stick my foot in my ribs... it's hard to explain but I'll show you sometime if you ask me to

[152] What's your favorite sport? didn't I already answer this question?

[153] Can you swim? yep

[154] Can you play a musical instrument? I learned a little Norah Jones ditty on Trent's keyboard. but that's as far as my musical talents go

[155] What star sign are you? pisces

[156] Do you prefer public schools or private? well since I went to a public school then I guess public

[157] Do you care what people think? yes, I think everybody does to some extent

[158] Have you ever shot a gun? just my brother's BB gun

[159] What's your biggest fear? dying or having someone close to me die

[160] How many hours of sleep do you normally get? anywhere from 6-9... depends on the day

[161] Regular ice or crushed ice? regular, I hate crushed ice, it gets in the way of the drink

[162] Blue ink or black ink? I think I prefer black for some reason

[163] Are your clothes mostly loose or tight fit? I have equal amounts of both (b/c I gained 12 pounds over the summer so now I have a lot more tight-fitting clothes) but I feel uncomfortable in stuff that's too tight

[164] Have any peircings? just in my left ear, the other side closed up

[165] Gold or silver? white gold

[166] What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Pantene beautiful lengths, I'm trying to grow out my hair again. If the shampoo doesn't help, it will still make me think that my hair is growing faster ;)

[167] Do you blow dry your hair? everyday, depends on how much heat I use though. more heat for straighter hair and on the cool setting for wavy hair. in case you cared haha

[168] What do you sleep in? sweat pants and a baseball t-shirt

[169] What's the last book you've read? just books for school, probably my social psych book for my final yesterday

[170] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Christina has a better voice, Britney is a little cookoo!

[171] Spiderman or Dare Devil? Spiderman

[172] Have you ever broken a bone? nope *knock on wood*

[173] Shower or Bath? shower, baths make me feel dirty for some reason.... I don't know, sitting in my own filth may have something to do with it

[174] Do you have any cavities? 4, but they're filled

[175] Have you ever wore braces? yep from 8th-10th grade

[176] What do you live in? an apartment

[177] Would you choose true love or to be rich? true love for sure

[178] Do you have Cable? amish cable haha

[179] Do you play any computer games? just solitaire

[180] How long did it take you to finish this? oh let's see... about a week! haha



Trent Miles said...

#154 is completely inaccurate. When you eat beans (the magical fruit) you make beautiful music!

Lord I apologize...

Todd said...

Hmm... let me think here for a minute. I vaguely recall some Wooden Peel pizza... Oh, never mind.