Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survey: Part 2

More survey questions:

[46] Do people think you're crazy? only when I'm hyper

[47] How many people on your buddylist? I don't have a buddylist anymore

[51] How many songs do you know all the words to? A LOT!

[52] Do you listen to The Beatles? nope, sorry

[53] Do you listen to Eminem? only if he has a song on U93, but I don't have any of his CD's

[54] Do you know anyone who thinks they're Eminem? hah yeah

[55] Do you read books often? just for school

[56] Do you strive to fit in? not really, I just try to be nice and if people don't like that, well then there's nothing else I can do

[57] Fave gum? orbit white, in the pink big-e-pack

[58] Do you snore? nope, I sleep very quietly

[59] Are you afraid of thunderstorms? just the wind and lightening.... so yeah lol

[60] Do you care what you look like? not so much anymore, it's kinda nice

[61] Is your hair color fake? not anymore, it's all grown out and natural now

[62] Whacha wearing? dark jeans, green tank top, maroon long sleeve hoodie, and a cream cordory blazer

[63] When's the last time you talk to anyone? like 2 minutes ago, he's counting change now lol

[64] Do you 'fall in love' easily? no, I don't think I used to either

[65] What's your best physical feature? I love my toes! I could probably be a foot model lol

[66] What attracts you most to the oppisite sex? eyes, jaw, smile, adam's apple LOL

[67] Are you picky about who you date? I don't date anymore

[68] What's your favorite cologne? probably curve

[69] What's your favorite perfume? glow by j.lo

[70] Do you like roller coasters? hate em, I'm a big wuss if you couldn't tell already

[71] Have you ever flown in a plane? yep

[72] Do you wear make-up? uh yeah! I wear more now than I did in high school. it's just fun

[73] Have you ever went bungee jumping? no and I never will

[74] Ever been to Paris? nope

[75] Do you believe in Vampires? um no

[76] Even if you could become a Vampire? still a no

[77] Would you call yourself normal? I don't think anyone is normal, we are all unique

[78] Have you ever gone skinny dipping? only in a bathtub

[79] Do you eat seafood? oh yes

[81] Ever drove while drunk? never been drunk... so no

[83] Have you ever lit yourself on fire? LOL probably not!

[84] How many people do you trust with your life? the few people closest to me

[85] Are you considered intelligent? I'm book smart but not common sense smart

[86] Are you considered a nerd? hah now that I'm getting better grades I probably am

[87] Do you talk on the phone a lot? not really

[88] How often do you take a shower? everyday

[89] What kind of bodywash do you use? dove bars

[90] What's your favorite candy bar? gotta be snickers, it's a classic


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