Tuesday, January 13, 2009

12-hour School Day

Yep. Exactly 12 hours ago Trent and I were headed up here to IUSB for our first day of school. And we're still here. I had class at 8:30 this morning- statistics. Not too bad actually. I had a math class last semester that dealt somewhat with statistics so I already finished the first 8 assignments that aren't due for the next few weeks :).

10am- english class. Oh wait, "Imagining King Arthur" class. Yep. Sorta like Russian Art History, hmm? Another pointless required class. Maybe I'll learn something interesting though, like I did in my Russian Art History class. The prof isn't as funny, though :(

11:15- lunch. Trent and I went to Burger King to get some high quality brain fuel to carry us over til now. We got back to the school at about noon and hung out til our 2:30 class. I did some homework for my stats class (so easy).

2:30- non-experimental methods class with the same prof from my stats class. So, I heard the same thing twice. Basically for this class, we work on one big project throughout the semester. Not too shabby. It's supposed to prepare us psych majors for out advanced lab that we have to take out last year in order to graduate.

3:45- Meet up with Trent again to waste more time until our 5:30 class. This time I didn't do homework and we just sat around and laughed at each other. Oh and I kept telling him that he can't leave me next year.

5:30- anthropology. We have a few prjoects to do and homework and quizzes here and there. The prof said it's going to be pretty easy-going since we all have different majors and it's a required class. We only took 20 minutes to go over the syllabus then we were done for the day. Would've been nice to leave early from class if Trent didn't have class til 8 :(

So here I sit. In a huge computer lab with 5 other people. It's about 7:30 and I'm exhausted. These days are going to be tough. I'm hungry and tired.... so I'm cranky. *sigh* Sorry I'm in such a blah mood. At least on thursday we'll get to leave at 6:45. And we only have to come up here twice a week. Yaaaaay! :D happy face. Soon I'll be home eating and watching American Idol...

Well you have a great night!


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