Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Semester is Quickly Approaching!

It's true! Trent and I start school this coming Tuesday, the 13th. This semester should be fairly interesting, as usual. We only have to drive up to IUSB two days a week BUT we start at 8:30am and don't leave until 6:45pm or later. Yikes! But we do have breaks in between our classes to squeeze in some lunch.

My classes this semester consist of: introductory Anthropology, Statistics for Psych majors, Non-experimental research methods, and some sort of English class. So 4 classes in all. My stats class and non-experimental methods class is with the same prof whom I've had in the past. She was very nice and relaxed and just reminded me of a mom, probably because she is. I'm going to try to test out of taking the first semester of spanish, so I'll be taking an exam for that this semester as well. I'm excited for school to start up again, like always. I just love school. Can't I just be a professional student the rest of my life??

I'm extremely excited about this year, 2009. Things will be happening, just you wait. ;) I'm proud of Trent for making it to his last semester. He will more than likely graduate in May and I couldn't be happier. Him graduating is symbolic to our relationship. It means so much. It's the end of one long college chapter of his life and beginning of a new chapter. He's going to be moving on to bigger and better things. I just can't help but be so happy for him.... so happy for us.

HOWEVER, him graduating means that he won't be going to school anymore (duh) BUT I still have one more year left. That means, no more rides to school together. I'll be making the journey to IUSB all by my lonesome next year. :( Although next year will be amazing in one aspect, it's going to be sad being at school without my buddy. No one to be cranky in the mornings with, no one to sit next to me while I "sudoku", no one to tell me to stop wiping my boogers on the seat, no one to brave the horribly snowy roads with, no one to skip classes and go shopping with, no one to share my free small fries Burger King coupon with, no one to make egg sandwiches with, no one to wait on me to go pee for the 5th time that day ... and the list goes on. I'm gonna miss my best friend next year. I'm worried that I'll be terribly lonely at school. I'm very shy so it's hard for me to just make friends. *sigh* we'll see.

So those are my thoughts about the upcoming year and a half. I'm super happy for Trent and his accomplishments and I pray he can trudge through this last semester without the stress crushing his spirit. Just a few more months, babe! I know you can do it! It's going to be hard for me next year at school without you, but once I graduate, I'll get my reward :)



Trent Miles said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I'll miss you too. Who am I going to bounch all of my earth shattering ideas off of? I don't think Phyllis would be up for that.

Abby Miller said...

bounce* ;)

jdm said...

Abba-dab, I can't take the credit for 'spousal unit'. It's a Jim-ism.

Trent seems to be shlurrin' his words. :)

Todd said...

Abby, just FYI, those aren't leopard skin. Its supposed to be a southwest theme. You and Trent have a great day back at school!