Monday, February 23, 2009

New Look

Ta-da! My blog now has a new look to represent spring. However, upon Trent's discovery, what you're seeing as my new colors may not be what I'm seeing :( What I see is a pretty olive green as the background, and you might be seeing a greyish green--not what I wanted! I picked out the colors on Trent's home computer and they showed up different on his laptop. Then we looked at it on my laptop... another color. Oh well, Trent likes it and I'm tired of messing around with colors, so it's gonna stay like this. Now, the new blog banner has a different story.

I've been working on this thing for 3 days! (with Trent's help of course) And I'm still not 100% satisfied with the final product. I think I need to refine my photoshop skills to get what I really want. All I wanted was a picture frame that had some pictures in it sitting on top of a picnic table overlooking a scene. Is that so hard?? Obviously it is cuz it took me 3 days to finish it. Oh well, I wanted something spring-like and I think I got it. Lemme know what ya think.


1 comment:

Trent Miles said...

It looks awesome! Your Photoshop skills are superb.

I like the part that says, "Trent like it's going to stay like this."

We'll just leave out the middle part. It sounds better like this anyway.