Thursday, October 9, 2008


What a week! It pretty much FLEW by. I had two midterms on Wednesday in philosophy and russian art history. Then today, I had two more tests in math and social psychology. I really hope I got an A on my art exam and maybe an A+ on my math test. I dont know, we will see :D Well, since my brain is pretty much fried from studying for a week, I'll just post about the message at church last week. Here goes:

The message was about the Resurrection and Heaven. The first point was: Heaven is the place where God is and where God's will is done. When the second coming comes, Heaven and earth will be the same. God will come to us here on earth. Also, when I die, I sleep in Christ (or am with Christ). The day will come when I will be raised and given my spiritual body. So, I will always have a body, not just be a floating spirit. The return of Jesus as King is the same as the great resurrection and the establishment of Heaven. Also, Heaven is the place for no grief. I won't be sad. I WILL see my relatives, but my vision will be so fixed on God that they won't matter to me. At the resurrection, my eternal condition is fixed. To sum it up: Heaven is the restored, renewed, earth made fit for God to dwell with his people.

So there!


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