Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2nd

Today is THE day for Trent and me. It's our day. We have proclaimed it to be OUR day. It's our anniversary! Exactly 5 years ago today, we were heading to the mall in Trent's jeep after I just got done with cheerleading practice. He was seeking some new cologne and on the way up to the mall, we got to talking about "us." You see, during this time, a lot of people were asking us if we were officially a "couple" yet and we never knew how to answer them. We had been talking and hanging out for a few months previous to this but nothing other than that. So, in the jeep, on the way to U.P. Mall in search for some cologne, Trent and I agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. And we even shook on it. The rest is history. Today we exchanged gifts and tomorrow we're heading to Chicago to just hang out, eat some amazing food, and be mushy. It's going to be great. Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you. (imyours)


(By the way, he bought Lucky brand cologne and he now wears it only on our Anniversary.)

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