Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Many *CrAzY* Faces of Abby Pt. 1

I stole Trent's idea. These pictures were taken from the Summer of 2005 to the Summer of 2007. Enjoy!

The first attempt at painting Trent's bedroom in Wyatt (summer 05)
After school fun (Jan 06)

I ate a few too many sunflower seeds (Jan 06)

"IUSB lady" face (Dec 06)

"fat Abby" (Dec 06)
New Year's Eve with my best (Dec 06)
I got a hole-in-one while mini golfing in FL (May 07)
Very disgusting jelly beans, maybe rotten egg flavored? (May 07)

Sad b/c it was our last day in FL (May 07)

On the ride home from FL (May o7)

More to come! :D


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Ben Miller said...

Hey you finally posted something! I was beginning to think you forgot about your blog! Nice pics :)