Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As you probably have already noticed, I have really been slacking on the blogging. But really, nothing much is going on other than school, work, and church. And everybody (I think) who reads my blog already sees me regularly so they already know what's going on, therefore, why write it down?!

However, I cannot live my life any longer without telling you about the horrific thing that happened to me today. This morning, around 8:00am, I sat down in the computer lab at school for my 8:30 stats class, second row, second computer in. I was the first one there so I logged on to the computer and checked my email and facebook. A few other students walked in and took their seats at their computers. Then, around 8:15, this tall, large, unattractive, middle-aged guy walks in from the front of the room and sat his stuff down at the first computer in the first row, caddy-corner to me. I knew he was not in our class because I had never seen him in there before and he looked...confused. Still, out of the corner of my eye I saw him sit down, log on, and proceed to print some stuff. I was minding my own business and ignoring the man when suddenly (and regretfully) I looked over at him and saw what could only be described as "gag-reflex-inducing". The man's pants were so far down his butt, I swear, half of it was exposed for the entire class to witness! I mean, come on, how could he not have felt a draft?! It was huge, white, and hairy and the crack was sooooooo wide and deep! Definetely NOT what I wanted to see at 8 in the morning! I was disgusted and I'm pretty sure my face showed it. I got this lump in my throat that made me want to gag. It was so nasty, it made me shiver. Thank goodness he finally found out that we had a class in there and he wasn't supposed to be in there after 8:30, and left. Still, that haunting image of the biggest, hairiest, deepest butt crack I've ever seen in my entire life will be with me til the day I die. UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! *shivers*

So how was your day?? :)



Rachel Miller said...

That's too funny! But also disgusting....LOL

jdm said...

LOL! "What does not killer makes you stronger."