Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy with Breakouts

Do you ever get so stressed out that at any given moment you feel like you want to curl up in the fetal posistion and just stay there for a few hours? Yep, I'm there. School.... school... and more school. Scheduling for my last year of school has been more stressful that I thought. I've been trying to get with my advisor for a week and but he's never available or he doesn't email me back. I enrolled in one summer class and trying to get into another summer class but I need to meet with the professor and get his position. He hasn't emailed me back either. Also, homework is piling up! Papers, projects, reading, assignments, more papers... gggaaaaahhhh! So much homework and not enough time to do it! Between classes, work, and church... i-yi-yi!

Then, my fafsa got rejected because I didn't provide parental information (cuz I live on my own now), well apparently the financial aid office didn't think I was supposed to be "independent." So now I either have to prove that I am independent or provide them with my dad's info. Thank goodness I have a wonderful mother who took care of this for me! *hopefully* it will be taken care of for good in a few days.

My schedule seems so crazy lately.
It starts on Tuesday. I have class from 8:30am-6:45pm and Trent and I don't get home til about 8pm. I have just enough time to eat and catch American Idol.
Wednesday I usually work from 7-1 then I go to my mom's from about 5-8:30ish. Not much homework gets done on wed.
Thursday is pretty much identical to tuesday.
Friday I usually work from 6:30-1. Friday night is pretty much the night to just take a breather from the week and prepare myself for the weekend.
Saturday is my busiest day. I typically work from either 7-2 or 10-4. Since we have to be at the church at 3:30, it's a mad rush to get there. We usually get back from church around 8. By then I am exhausted and ready for bed at like 9.
Sunday I work 10-4. Then at night I finally get some time for homework so I do that pretty much all night.
Monday is the best b/c I get to sleep in and catch up on homework. So Monday is pretty much my laundry/homework day.

Sorry for the negativity. I know other people's lives are probably way more busier than mine, but geesh. All I can say is thank goodness summer is only about 5 weeks away and it's starting to warm up. I wish I could write more, but what do you know, I have to get ready for my Psi Chi induction ceremony tonight at 6. Just one more thing to check off the list... *sigh*


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