Sunday, November 2, 2008

Many *CrAzY* Faces of Abby Pt. 3

Here's the last of em, folks! :D

Thanksgiving 07

Chris and Tori's recepetion (Dec 07)

Me and Ben's 21st birthday (March 08)
I was not drunk... seriously, not even close. Ask anyone lol (March 08)

Before getting my wisdom teeth out (June 08)

There you have it! I...... am a dork.


Trent Miles said...

Why didn't you post the pictures of after you got your wisdom teeth out?

jdm said...

Probably because Trent beat her to it!!!

Abby Miller said...

oh that reminds me....we need to burn those

Mom said...

Oh.....these won't be the last of them. There will be many, many more crazy faces in your future!!


Love ya