Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

Let's just get to it. I did not vote. Shame on me, some would say. I just plainly do not care for politics. They don't make me happy or mad. I have a neutral attitude toward the whole thing. Therefore, this election was quite entertaining for me. It was like a reality show. People just went crazy! haha and I just had to laugh every time I saw these two groups going at it. I could definetely see my social psychology classes coming into play as I watched. It was just all so entertaining to me.

I remained very neutral with an "I really don't care" attitude. Up until yesterday. After talking to Trent on the way home from school, I began to wish that I had voted. I was starting to SLIGHTLY lean toward one candidate and I probably would've voted for this person had I actually registered to vote. I'm not going to tell you who I would've voted for. I would rather remain neutral to you, the reader. I don't want members of a certain group to hate me just because I would've voted for this particular candidate. You can try to guess all you want, but I'll never tell ;)

Last night it was so entertaining to watch as each state announced their projected winner. I was neither happy or mad that one of the candidates were either winning or losing. Even though I said I would've voted for one of them, my emotions still remained neutral as I heard the incoming results. In fact, this morning I was so excited just to hear the outcome of this craziness. I didn't care who won, I was just looking forward to seeing the drama that was going to unravel today! I turned on the TV, heard the outcome, and thought "Ok, now I know."

So.......! Today I was a little excited/nervous to hear peoples' reactions to the outcome. How else could I describe it other than entertaining?! So that's that. I'm not particularly happy/upset that Obama won and not particularly happy/upset that McCain lost. I'm just, as always, "eh, whatev" :) No matter who got elected, I would still rather put my trust in God to be my leader than the president of our country. That's just what makes sense to me and probably the biggest reason why I didn't vote.


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Trent Miles said...

What an exciting election. No matter who one voted for or what ones feelings are toward a certain candidate, it is always exciting to try something new. To come together as a nation and turn over a new leaf. I'm really going to miss Sarah Palin's cute "ping, ping" noises though. SNL will never be the same.